Bessie Smith – Empty Bed Blues (2xLP, Album, Comp)

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A1 – Sorrowful Blues
A2 – Pinchbacks – Take'em Away
A3 – Rocking Chair Blues
A4 – Ticket Agent, Ease Your Window Down
A5 – Boweavil Blues
A6 – Hateful Blues
A7 – Frankie Blues
A8 – Moonshine Blues
B1 – Lou'siana Low Down Blues
B2 – Mountain Top Blues
B3 – Work House Blues
B4 – House Rent Blues
B5 – Salt Water Blues
B6 – Rainy Weather Blues
B7 – Weeping Willow Blues
B8 – The Bye Bye Blues
C1 – I Used To Be Your Sweet Mama
C2 – I'd Rather Be Dead And Buried In My Grave
C3 – Standin' In The Rain Blues
C4 – It Won't Be You
C5 – Spider Man Blues
C6 – Empty Bed Blues (Part 1 & 2)
C7 – Put It Right Here (Or Keep It Out There)
D1 – Yes Indeed He Do!
D2 – Devil's Gonna Get You
D3 – You Ought To Be Ashamed
D4 – Washwomam's Blues
D5 – Slow And Easy Man
D6 – Poor Man's Blues
D7 – Please Help Me Get Him Off My Mind
D8 – Me And My Gin


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