Anthony Newley – For You (LP, Album)

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A1 – You And Me-Inevitable
A2 – I Flooded You With My Love
A3 – What Sets You Apart?
A4 – There Is No Lyric For The Misic Of You
A5 – We Took Our Love Outside
A6 – Feline, Wild And Domesticated
A7 – I Am A Fool
A8 – Ocean, Greet My Love!
A9 – Darling, It"s Time
A10 – The Secret Places
B1 – I Want You For My Wife
B2 – So That Now Remains Forever
B3 – Your Mouth-Shaping Demands Of One Syllable
B4 – The Anatripsis Of Love

B5 – We Climb Yesterday'S Stairway
B6 – Thet Errant Whore, Time
B7 – The Eternal Instant Of Our Parting
B8 – Couples-I Do Not Envy Them
B9 – I Reside In Hell
B10 – Will The Windows Continue To Mock Me?
B11 – Memoria


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